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We all know that when we are less able to get out and about loneliness can often set in, especially as we grow older. The feeling that no one really cares can then become a desperate problem for many people.

·         Engage in Companionship and Conversation

·         Monitor Eating Patterns and Diet

·         Participate in Hobbies and Crafts

·         Assist with Morning Wake-up and Evening Tuck-in

·         Reminisce about the Past

·         Assist with Clothing Selection

·         Help with Reading

·         Assist with Entertaining

·         Encourage Participation with Crafts

·         Discuss Current and Historical Events

·         Holiday Escort

·         Arrange Appointments

·         Play Games and Cards

·         Accompany to Lunch or Dinner

·         Attend Plays, Concerts and Clubs

·         Buy Magazines, Papers and Books

·         Help with Reading

·         Provide Reminders for Appointments

·         Arrange DIY and Gardening Services

·         Attend Places of Worship

·         Provide True Companionship


 One of our goals is to bring fulfilment and happiness to those living at home and ease  the loneliness that ageing seems to cause by providing quality support.

 Our carers are very friendly and we find that our clients often form strong bonds of  friendship with our carers.  If you need someone to pop in occasionally to say hello and  make sure that you are ok, we are happy to help you.


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